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For over a decade, Lynn Rose, WOW Performance Keynoter, Award-Winning Entertainer , TV Host and CEO of Launch You Now and The WOW Factor, has brought WOW Performance to hundreds of thousands around the world through her High-Impact Emceeing, Electrifying Entertaining and Exciting High-Performance Keynote, "The Power To WOW".

As countless organizations, meeting planners and producers attest to, ‘No One Opens a conference like Lynn Rose”.
She’ll get your attendees on their feet, engaged, inspired and on fire for what you want them to feel and set up for taking action, setting the tone for a WOW of an event.

You’ve seen Lynn on CBS, and other top TV networks, on film, Broadway and more. Whether sharing the stage with Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey or Jay Leno — or leading her WOW Performance Keynotes and Trainings for billion dollar CEO’s, entrepreneurs and professionals, Lynn Energizes, Engages and delivers High-Performance Results on WOW.

She is CEO of two 6-figure businesses and has helped launch 6- and 7-figure careers with her media and marketing expertise, while motivating, training or performing internationally for major events.

Lynn is hired by Fortune 500 corporations, prominent associations, direct sales companies, financial professionals and entrepreneurial events to bring the WOW Factor to their event, creating an epic experience while empowering their attendees to stand out in their sales, leadership and communication with a high achiever's mindset for WOW results.

The WOW Experience
How To WOW Your Events & Your Business

WOW Performance Keynotes
"You Have The Power To WOW"
The Entertaining yet Powerful Call To Action To Get your Organization On Fire, Inspired and Ready To Take Action. Turn them into WOW-Makers and skyrocket their bottom line, along with their sense of purpose, direction and motivation. Perfect for Sales, Leadership, Teamwork, Franchises and Associations. 
"Speaking POWER To WOW"
Learn in the most interactive, fun and powerful way how you can shift your results with clients, audiences, pitches and marketing videos, no less interaction with your team through the WOW Speaking Performance Formula. See stunning Before and Afters and have your own onstage with on the spot makeovers in minutes. Lasting RESULTS!
"Launching To WOW"
Specially targeted for entrepreneurs, this Interactive, eye-opening presentation shows you the 5 Elements you need to WOW your career and accelerate to the top of your industry following these essential elements for WOW Success. Before and Afters that will stun you. On the spot Hot Seat Coaching with audience members and designed to empower the audience to take whatever industry they’re in and position themselves at the top. 
WOW Offerings To Create THE WOW Experience
Energizing, Inspiring Entertainment 
  • Never Before Seen, EPIC OPENER for your Conference to Bond Your Attendees
  • Award Show Extravaganza
  • Girls Night Out
  • Unique Patriotic kick-off add-on: ‘The National Anthem’, ‘America The Beautiful’ - duet with Ray Charles on Video, or ‘God Bless America’ - Celine Dion-esque style
Throughline EMCEE that’s Relevant, Smart, Energizing with ADDED Value
  • Added Value with Energizing Entertainment
  • Quick on her feet, engaging and tying it ALL together
  • Keeping theme and needs focused
  • Keep the energy going
Strategic Media - How To WOW Your Events - “EVERYBODY TWEET” Viral Video
  • Inspire into Social Media Interaction
  • Create a Bond, Buzz and Excitement for your organization and at your event
  • Celebrate and Feature your Leaders or Members or Highlighted Departments, Making Them The Stars
  • Make WOW Impact With Your Messaging
  • Create An Unforgettable WOW Experience within under 3 minutes

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Profit Rich Academy


MDRT Producer, Jonathan Honore of Williams Gerard Productions

No One Opens or Runs a Conference Like Lynn Rose

Patricia Fripp, former President of National Speaker's Association, Grand Dame of the Speaking Industry
Media, Events and Celebrities
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